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15 July, 2015
Opening: 25 July (Saturday) 2015. 4pm - 6pm


The Artist will be present


Exhibition period: 25 July - 26 September, 2015


Koru Contemporary Art is pleased to present the inaugural photography exhibition of Martin Lui, who has honestly and impartially documented the genesis of the Umbrella Movement commencing on the 28th September 2014 in Hong Kong. This exhibition is to coincide with Lui's book launch, "Witness - Documentary photography of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement"


Artist's statement:


To me, September 28 is not just plumes of smoke, it's also white face masks and frightened pairs of eyes. Like many Hong Kong people, I could not believe what I was seeing.


Because of work commitments, I did not step foot in Admiralty until the evening of September 29. I saw people gathered on Harcourt Road discussing the shocking events of the previous day. Everyone was equipped with masks, goggles and water bottles.


Although the atmosphere was tense and people were clearly still angry, knowing what I knew about Hong Kong people, I thought it was just going to be a short-lived protest. I didn't think I would get to use my camera very much at all.


But in fact the opposite turned out to be true. The occupation continued for more than two months. In the midst of it, I saw all sorts of people and incidents, and recorded them in hundreds of photos. I felt that my life had a new purpose.


Martin Lui 2015



About Martin Lui:


Majored in political science, finished the master degree of communication in 2012. 


Currently a local wedding and commercial photographer, also interested in photojournalism 


My belief: "A camera does not change much, but a photo can change the mind of a person. "


www.martin-witness.com   |   www.martin-aesthetics.com
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