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1 October, 2015

 A joint exhibition of ceramic teapots from New Zealand by Rick Rudd and Chris Weaver

Exhibition period: 10 October - 24 December, 2015

The teapot is a universally recognised and cherished object whose presence is often central at social gatherings. It symbolically unites us through joyous or sad times and during that ever-popular human pastime of catching up with the gossip ‘over the teacups’. Little wonder that some people avidly collect teapots.

What an endlessly fascinating form the teapot is! More interesting, complex and challenging to make than any other vessel in the potter’s repertoire, and in Rudd and Weaver’s case the teapot is a sensuous object of beauty whose fluid lines make you just want to run your eyes, or hands, all over it.

The teapot forms in this exhibition are Rudd and Weaver’s most accomplished yet. Over and above the years of experience they bring to bear in mastering their physical construction it is the scale of these teapots, which separates them from their predecessors and puts them into a league of their own.

“I take the vessel and teapot for my inspiration and interpret them through line and form.”         - Rick Rudd

It is hard enough to model spout, body, handle, lid and feet, but here, Rudd and Weaver achieve all that in miniature without foregoing the same exacting level of detail and precision they would demand of larger scaled pieces. These little beauties would be ideal for those who only require “half a cup” as that’s all some hold! Theoretically they should do their job if ever pressed into service. 

“I like my pots to have a simplicity of form and something of a sculptural presence."                    - Chris Weaver

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