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9 July, 2014
New Zealand Trilogy Exhibition Extended Until 30 August 2014

NZ Trilogy is an exhibition of three of New Zealand’s most important
artists - Gretchen Albrecht, Brian Brake and Terry Stringer, showcasing a
selection of their finest works. Also featuring in this exhibition will
be a short documentary video series of all three artists, exploring
their art and artistic journeys.

Video Synopsis:

Video 1. Reflections - Gretchen Albrecht
New Zealand TV, 2006, running time: 63:30mins

Gretchen Albrecht's richly-coloured large abstract paintings made her
reputation in New Zealand from the late 1980s. This documentary (made
for New Zealand TV One's Artsville series) traces the development of
Albrecht's work from her art school years through to her current
interest in sculpture. Interspersed with commentary from family,
collectors, writers, and art historians, the artist discusses her life,
and the ideas and influences that inform her work. And in the studio,
her working methods are revealed as she's filmed making new work.

Video 2. A Master of Light - The Life and Work of Brian Brake Photographer
New Zealand TV, 1987, running time: 46:57mins

Brian Brake is regarded as New Zealand's most successful international
photographer; he worked for Magnum and snapped famous shots of Pablo
Picasso at a bullfight and the Monsoon series for Life magazine. In this
Inspiration documentary — made shortly before his 1988 death — Brake
reviews his lifelong quest for “mastery over light”: from an Arthur’s
Pass childhood to a fascination with Asia. He recalls his time at the
New Zealand National Film Unit and is seen framing waka huia, Egyptian
tombs, and punters at Castlepoint’s beach races.

Video 3. Profiles - Terry Stringer, his work and motivations
Running time: 22:15 mins

This short documentary gives us a glimpse into the world of Stringer’s
sculpture by providing ample opportunity for Stringer to articulate his
passion, his love for art and sculpture of which he has devoted most of
his life. In addition we are captivated by wonderful images of
‘Zealandia’, the home of Stringer and his magnificent Sculpture Park
where a stunning collection of retrospective sculptures have been placed
in a beautifully natural setting, framed by native New Zealand bush.
Pleasingly, the documentary takes us on a journey narrated by Stringer
demonstrating the processes involved in a recently commissioned piece;
starting from its sketchbook origins through to the complicated bronze
casting phase, and its final placement at the clients home. This
perfect evolution from a slip of an idea to a much loved sculpture
that’s purpose is not only to enhance, but to protect this new home and
the people who live in it.

Exhibiting Artists:

Gretchen Albrecht

Brian Brake

Terry Stringer

Opening Reception : Saturday, 10th May 2014, 4pm - 6pm
Exhibition duration : 13th May  -  28th June 2014

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 6pm

1604, 16F Hing Wai Center, 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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