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24 January, 2014
CONFLUENCE 2.0 | 合琉2.0: David Reekie & Sunny Wang

David Reekie & Sunny Wang Glass Exhibition

Exhibition period: January 24 (Friday) 2014 – March 15 (Saturday) 2014

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

Koru Contemporary Art 16th floor, Unit 1604, Hing Wai Centre 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Confluence is a two person exhibition that puts in perspective an Asian and a European approaches to glass sculpture and installation. It reveals some shared preoccupations such as the research of aesthetics, and a calm and quiet way of conveying strong messages through art. However the exhibition also proposes an interpretation of the way underlying cultures may influence creative practices. A dialogue takes place between David Reekie’s sculptures, which offer a satirist and incisive look at society expanding on the British cartoonist tradition, and Sunny Wang’s installations influenced by elements of Asian culture such as calligraphy, Zen Buddhism and Japanese stone gardens. Glass artworks and installations are complemented by materials related to the artists’ inspirations and working processes: Sunny Wang’s calligraphy and poems, David Reekie’s preliminary sketches and drawings.

Studio Glass Art is a relatively new medium in contemporary art in the Asian region whereas it derives from a long-standing tradition in Europe. By inviting a leading exponent in the field of Studio Glass Art from Europe, one of the objectives of Confluence is to promote the appreciation of this art form in Hong Kong. Consequently, this project aims at widening the horizon of local art and design practitioners and seeks to contribute to the diversity of art disciplines Hong Kong audiences can enjoy.


Confluence is curated by Amandine Hervey of Mur Nomade and was exhibited at the Hong Kong Visual Art Centre in 2013.

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