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14 May, 2014
Art Basel Hong Kong 2014


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Koru Contemporary Art is pleased to announce our first year of participation in Art Basel Hong Kong 2014, and we look forward to seeing you there.

During Art Basel | Hong Kong 2014, Koru Contemporary Art will be exhibiting Brian Brake‘s photography, titled "China of the Chinese". This specially curated exhibition for Art Basel | Hong Kong showcases photographs taken throughout China in the late 1950s by world renowned New Zealand photographer, Brian Brake. These images express, in a manner even more vivid than Brian's eloquent words, aspects of the beauty of China that are, and will always remain, visible features unique to the country and its people.

 “China is not a country where one arrives.

To be there at all is sufficient, for – once you are there – the rest of the world does not exist. 

China is a pattern; there the pattern belongs to its country more intimately than in any other land I know. I have seen the laced water of paddy fields in the East; but in China, perhaps because of the trees, or because of the silk reflections of the mist-laden skies, the impressions is manifestly Chinese. 

What is it, this ingrained Chinese-ness? Perhaps it is the way that the long civilization and astronomical millions of people have profoundly modified their country. Three or four thousand years of intensive, detailed gardening – slowly they have made the land their own. Now it is special to them, like their faces, their language, their painting, their boats, and even their toys. 

This quality seems to have passed down through Chinese time without radical alteration, absorbing and redefining everything that comes from without. It is the undivided Chinese-ness of the manner of thought that strikes a visitor like myself.” 

-    Brian Brake, 1978

Dates & Times:

14 May 2014 (Wed): 12noon - 5pm - VIP Preview
14 May 2014 (Wed): 5pm - 9pm - Vernissage
15 May 2014 (Thu): 12noon - 7pm
16 May 2014 (Fri): 12noon - 9pm
17 May 2014 (Sat): 12noon - 7pm
18 May 2014 (Sun): 12noon - 5pm

Hall 3, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Please contact us if you require tickets for Art Basel Hong Kong please eamil to info@koru-hk.com

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