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16 March, 2011
Koru Spring Show 2011
Other events in March 2011:

Hong Kong ArtWalk 2011

Koru Spring Show 2011      16 March – 12 May 2011

To coincide with Artwalk 2011 we will be holding our annual Spring Show featuring the work of gallery artists alongside work by artists new to Hong Kong.

Following successful exhibitions in Brussels at Villa Empain, where his work was shown alongside current hot British/Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor and a solo show in Qatar, gallery newcomer Armen Agop will be showing in our Spring Show. Agop works in both granite & bronze creating serene objects, which draw on his Egyptian heritage. Reminiscent of a whirling dervish engaged in a mystical dance, his smooth surfaces are interrupted by carefully placed peaks, sufficient to alter the form & provide the suggestion of a figurative element without interrupting the serenity of the overall work.

Armen Agop sculptures have been included in the Pacific Place boutique hotel, Upper House.

We will also be exhibiting John Edgar sculptures made from Italian Carrara marble, Indian serpentine and glass. Having a solemnity to them balanced with a quiet elegance, which the glass introduces to the stone each work is finished precisely, and illustrates the artists background in geology. Edgar sections the stone and reconstructs it in various shapes with contrasting stone or glass, from pebble like works to large columns and table-top scale works like those in the exhibition. Edgar sees stone as a vessel containing information from another age and with his manipulation of the stone he reveals what may have been stored for millennia.

Several new works by Rick Swain are now in the gallery and range from mid sized to large works. These have a beautifully tactile surface with some painted or stained sections to provide contrast.

For the first time we will have paintings by Chen Feng in the gallery. After commissioning two large paintings for the Tianjin Metropolitan Hotel & Polo Club in Tianjin, China we are pleased to introduce his work to Hong Kong collectors. His paintings are abstract, being studies in texture and colour, taking the breath away with their contrasts suggestive of molten lava or waves on the sea.

Following a successful debut at the Fine Art Asia art fair in October 2010 in Hong Kong , we will be including the work of Gretchen Albrecht in our Spring Show 2011.

Albrecht works with abstract forms, often painting on shaped canvases with a sympathetic attitude to the seductiveness of colour. In the current show are limited edition prints which take the hemisphere shape the artist has worked with extensively in recent years and plays with the application of colour overlays and linear forms to ground the work within the paper surface. The quietness of the linear form within the work transforms what could be a highly expressive experience and brings it back to being soft and gentle, just with two lines.

Gallery artists familiar to collectors will be included in the Spring Show. A fantastic new work by Galia Amsel at 610 mm high this is a large work and displays a beautiful array of colours, from dark chocolate brown to amber & saffron. David Reekie has a new work included, titled Sympathetic Thoughts the work adds a slightly sinister angle to the exhibition with two clone-like heads, one appearing to be voicing what the other is thinking. Neil Dawson wall relief makes a nod to the Asian influence on design during the Edwardian era this 1100 mm diameter work is lightweight and finished in a red enamel with a gold flip.

A visit to Aberdeen is compulsory with such an array of art to see. Please feel free to contact the gallery if you require any further information about works in the exhibition or any artwork on our web site.

16th March to 12th May 2011
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

KORU1, Koru Contemporary Art
16th floor, Unit 1604, Hing Wai Centre
7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
*** Car Parking available ***
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Mark Joyce phone +852 2580 9203 email: info@koru-hk.com
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