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3 October, 2011
Fine Art Asia 2011
Dates & Times:

Sunday, 2 October 2011
4 - 6 pm Private Preview VIP Card-Holders Only
6 pm - 9 pm Vernissage By Invitation & VIP's Only

Monday to Thursday, 3 to 6 October 2011
11 am - 7 pm Open to the Public

Friday, 7 October 2011
11am - 6 pm Open to the Public


Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Booth: J6

This year we will be exhibiting paintings and sculpture from around the world including the work of Italian born and New York based artist Oriano Galloni. His 2.2 meter tall sculpture, Il Pensiero in Carrara marble and wood will be the must see work of the fair. This work is from a series titled Silent Souls, Oriano comments: ‘‘These works are three-dimensional interpretations of the process of spiritual purification. In form and concept, they resemble trees, rooted to the material realm and reaching towards the heavens.”, Oriano Galloni.

For lovers of abstract art there will be a 2.5 meter painting by the highly regarded New Zealand painter Gretchen Albrecht. This artist is in every major public and private collection in New Zealand and has her work exhibited in New York and now Hong Kong. She writes: “Within the clear luminosity of the image, where colour, form, line and plane unite with space, we apprehend its meaning and arrive at an equilibrium or stillness.”

Whilst in contrast, we will have a realist painting of beautiful flowers by New Zealand award winning artist, Pamela Wolfe. Wolfe's current practice is focused on creating richly textured paintings of flowers over their life cycles, observing the changes that occur from bud to decay. Also we will have a painting by British painter Alan Brassington who is known for his paintings of horses with the work depicting a 3 Year Old called Pinch of Salt.

We will have work by Armen Agop who creates stunning work in bronze, influenced by his birthplace of Egypt. The work of this artist is almost painful in its simplicity, a circular form is broken by one single point, a long topological-like shape is interrupted by one rising peak. The artist reflects: “It was in the desert, where there seems to be nothing, that’s where I learned to see.” Armen Agop works can be found in Upper House, Boutique Hotel, Admiralty, Hong Kong and he has exhibited his work in Brussels at Villa Empain, where his work was shown alongside current hot British/Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor and a solo show in Qatar.

We will also be showing new work by gallery artists Galia Amsel, Guan Donghai, Jeff Day, David Reekie, Rick Swain, Terry Stringer, and Sunny Wang.
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