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21 February, 2009
Former Central School Envisioning Days (Police Married Quarter) at Hollywood Road
Other events in February/March 2009:
Australian Contemporary Art 2009 at The Rotunda, Exchange Square

Hong Kong ArtWalk 2009

A series of activities consisting of guided tour, artifacts display, arts quarters by artists, exhibition by galleries, talks and workshops will be organized Central and Western District Council to arouse public concerns over the conservation and future development of the site, and encourage public engagement in the process. It is estimated around 10,000 people will participate in the event.

Participating galleries will be exhibiting at Block A of the former Central School (Police Married Quarter) as follows:

Room 101 Art Beatus Gallery
Room 102 Asia Fine Art
Room 103 Galerie Ora Ora
Room 104 Koru Contemporary Art
Room 105 Neuberg ArtSpace
Room 106 St. James' Creation Ceramics Gallery
Room 107 Amelia Johnson Contemporary
Room 108 Wittgenstein Editions Gallery
Room 109 Schoeni Art Gallery
Room 110 EDGE Gallery
Room 111 Shin Hwa Gallery
Room 112 Plum Blossoms Gallery
Room 113 Videotage
Room 114 MOST

Art Exhibition at the former Central School (Police Married Quarter) at Hollywood Road.

Opening to public from 1:00-5:00pm on
Saturday 21 Februrary 2009
Sunday 22 Februrary 2009
Saturday 28 February 2009
Sunday 1 March 2009

NOT OPEN to public during weekdays (23rd to 27th February 2009).

1/F, Block A of the Former Central School Hollywood Road (Police Married Quarters), No. 35, Aberdeen Street, Central District.

Mark Joyce, Mob: +852 9120 4264, email: info@koru-hk.com

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