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14 November, 2009
Art of Gift...Gift of Art 2009
Koru Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the launch of the new website of Koru Contemporary Art and the opening of the annual Art of Gift...Gift of Art 2009.

On Saturday the 14th of November 2009, now in its 8th year, Koru Contemporary Art will be opening this keenly anticipated event providing a fantastic opportunity for collectors to acquire smaller items by Koru's artists. There is also the opportunity to see work by new artists. Included this year are paintings and limited edition prints by Beijing artist Zheng Xuewu warmly received at Koru Contemporary Art - Art Singapore 2009; New Zealand artist Carmen Simmonds' delicately coloured feminine works in glass, perfect for a table top or shelf; and photographs by well known Hong Kong photographers Dana Shek and Alvin Mak depicting local scenes.

In addition, many other art items have been selected to be in this year's "Koru Kollection", a stable of 3D art, cherished by art lovers in this town.

Furthermore, Koru Contemporary Art provides a much loved "Koru Art Voucher" programme for the gift of art, allowing "loved ones" to select their own art piece in their own time.

"Art of Gift...Gift of Art 2009” Exhibition.

Opening Reception 11:00-6:00pm Saturday 14th November 2009
Thereafter, every Tuesday to Saturday until 24th December 2009

(1) Koru Contemporary Art, KORU1, 10th floor, Unit 12
(2) Koru Contemporary Art, KORU2, 16th Floor, Unit 04

Hing Wai Centre, 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen
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Mark Joyce, Mob: +852 9120 4264, email: info@koru-hk.com
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