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7 March, 2007
ArtWalk 2007 in Aberdeen
This year ArtWalk is coming to Aberdeen again!
View Location Map (from Aberdeen Tunnel)
View Location Map (from Pokfulam).
Please remember to buy your tickets early from the galleries situated along Hollywood Road and Wyndham Street as every year ArtWalk is a sell-out.

This year we have combined two special exhibitions with the ArtWalk: "Sculptures by Livio Seguso" exhibition and "Koru Spring Show 2007". The works will be exhibited on both 10th and 16th floors of Hing Wai Centre. Also on the 17th floor, Gaffer Studio Glass will be showcasing "New Work 2007" exhibition by the JamFactory Associate Designers.

Now in its seventh year, ArtWalk is Hong Kong's biggest art charity event. The ArtWalk benefiting charity in 2006 was the Society for Community Organization (SOCO) who received a donation of HK$651,000 - SoCO will again benefit from a donation from ArtWalk 2007.

ArtWalk is simple: after buying an ArtWalk ticket and receiving your comprehensive ArtWalk brochure and entry badge you can - on ArtWalk night - start at any of the galleries at any time, and then take any route you wish in any order to visit (or re-visit) galleries. Wine will be served by each of the participating galleries and 'finger food' provided by our sponsoring restaurants.

Free Shuttle Bus leaves every 30 minutes - please refer to the ArtWalk map inside the ArtWalk catalogue for details. Look out for the ArtWalk poster & the ArtWalk bus person along Old Bailey Street. The bus seats 24 people (NOTE a Taxi fare from Central to Aberdeen is about HK$70).

Leave Central           Leave Aberdeen

 6.00pm                           6.30pm
 6.30pm                           7.00pm
 7.00pm                           7.30pm
 7.30pm                           8.00pm
 8.00pm                           8.30pm
 8.30pm                           9.00pm
 9.00pm                           9.30pm
 9.30pm                         10.00pm
10.00pm                        10.30pm
10.30pm                        11.00pm

View ArtWalk website . This website gives you full information about the event and how to purchase tickets - go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of the website for a quick summary about ArtWalk.
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