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4 April, 2006
Australia - Art & About
An impressive collection of Australian glass and fine art, including aboriginal/ contemporary paintings, photo-media and sculpture from over 44 Australian artists, will be showcased in Australia V Art & About, a three-week exhibition program held simultaneously at nine galleries in Aberdeen, Causeway Bay and Central of Hong Kong. The artists are:

Adriana Korkos (Paintings); Alexander McKenzie (Paintings); Anna Petyarre (Aboriginal Paintings) ; Barbara Jane Cowie (Glass); Bronwyn Kemp (Ceramics); Clare Belfrage (Glass); Claudia Borella (Glass); Conchita Carambol (Paintings); David Pottinger (Ceramics): Deborah Paauwe (Photo-media); Eileen Gordon (Glass); Elizabeth Ford (Paintings); Erika Mayer (Glass); Gabriella Bisetto (Glass);Grant Donaldson (Glass); Grant Vaughan (Wood); Giles Bettison (Glass); Honor Freeman (Ceramics); Jeannie Petyarre (Pitjara) (Aboriginal Paintings); Josie Petrick Kemarre (Aboriginal Paintings); Jim Thallasoundis (Paintings); John McArthur (Paintings); Judith Ben-Meir (Bronze Sculpture); Kate Owen (Paintings); Keith Rowe (Glass); Les Blakebrough (Ceramics); Lee Marshall (Ceramics); Lisa Cahill (Glass); Maureen Hudson Nampajinpa (Aboriginal Paintings); Melanie Ogen (Paintings); Nicholas Burton (Paintings); Noel Hart (Glass); Nona Burden (Paintings); Ola Hoglund & Marie Simberg V Hoglund (Glass); Penelope Hudson (Paintings); Phil Stokes (Glass) Pippin Drysdale (Ceramics); Prem Sephton (Wood); Prue Venables (Ceramics); Robin Best (Ceramics); Roger Byrt (Paintings); Sandra Black (Ceramics); Sunny (Ling-Jean) Wang (Glass); Tali Dalton (Glass)

The exhibiting galleries include:

• 5 o.p.t studio / gallery

• Amelia Johnson Contemporary

• Ananya Fine Arts

• Art Statements Gallery

• Gaffer Studio Glass

• Korkos Gallery

• Koru-hk.com Contemporary Art Gallery

• State-Of-The-Arts Gallery

• Wellington Gallery

Six artists Giles Bettison, Clare Belfrage, Conchita Carambol, Gabriella Bisetto, John McArthur and Deborah Paauwe will be present in Hong Kong on the opening night in Gaffer Studio Glass, Koru-hk.com Contemporary Art Gallery and Art Statements Gallery respectively.

The official opening reception of Australia V Art & About will be held at Gaffer Studio Glass, Unit 6-8, 17/F., The Hing Wai Centre, 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong on Tuesday 4 April between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Free shuttle buses will be running between Central and Aberdeen according to the bus schedule below:

Picking up from Central will be at the corner of Old Bailey Street and Staunton Street. Leaving Hing Wai Centre, Aberdeen will be at the ground floor main entrance.

Central                          Aberdeen

5:30pm                          7:30pm

6:00pm                          8:00pm

6:30pm                          8:30pm



Visitors may visit any of these galleries from 6pm to 10:30pm on Tuesday 4 April.

The exhibition will continue until Tuesday 25 April 2006.

A closing reception will be held on 25 April 2006 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm at Hei Hei Club, 3/F, On Hing Bldg, On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong http://www.heiheiclub.com

Australia V Art & About is organised by the Australian Trade Commission and is proudly sponsored by Arts SA and Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

For further information, please download artists profiles.

Event enquiries:

Wilson Tang, Senior Business Development Manager, Australian Trade Commission Hong Kong

Tel: 2588 5307; Email: wilson.tang@austrade.gov.au

Media enquiries:

Wan Wai-lun, Media Relations Manager, Australian Consulate-General Hong Kong

Tel: 2585 4482; Email: WaiLun.Wan@dfat.gov.au