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31 July, 2004
A joint exhibition by Koru-hk.com Contemporary Art, Tourism New Zealand and Page One Taipei.

You are cordially invited to the "RICK RUDD TEAPOT" Exhibition by New Zealand ceramist Rick Rudd,at 4th Floor, Page One Taipei, Tower 101 Taipei. Exhibition starts 31st July to 4th September.

News Clip from "The Taipei Times" by Jules Quartly, dated 1st August 2004:


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Rick Rudd is by self-definition a studio potter, in the 30 years he has been domiciled in New Zealand he has earned himself a significant place within ceramic art achievement in New Zealand.

Rick's work is hand-built, the majority pinched and coiled, a technique of adding thick coils of clay to the piece and then pinching, squeezing and shaping the clay as it is extended. Once the forming process is completed the work is scraped and the form refined. The making process being relatively slow necessitates several days work being spent on some pieces. Rick's shapes evolve rather than begin as separate ideas and whole new works often link back to previous pieces but take on a new dimension.

He has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand, regularly in solo exhibitions, numerous times as guest exhibitor and his work has been included in international exhibitions in Faenza, Italy (1981 & 1983); Sydney Australia (1982 & 1988); Edmonton, Canada (1993); Flagstaff, USA (1993); Singapore (1995); Takayama, Japan (1995); Provoo, Finland (1996); Tokyo, Japan (1998), Fremantle, Sydney and Shepparton, Australia (2001/02) and Hong Kong (2003).

Rick's work is held in the New Zealand High Commission, Singapore and in most of the museum and art gallery collections in New Zealand. He has often been illustrated in the New Zealand Potter magazine and is represented in several books and has received many awards for his work.

He has curated and selected national exhibitions and conducted workshops for many potters' groups, and polytechnics around New Zealand. He was president of the New Zealand Society of Potters (1988-1991), a participant in the first New Zealand Ceramics Symposium (1988), has received two Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council grants (1984, 1992) and was a member of the Trust Board of the Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui, New Zealand (1991-1997).
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