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23 October, 2004
Ma Mun-ming Ceramics, Taipei
A joint presentation by Koru-hk.com Contemporary Art Gallery and Page One Taipei:

Ma Mun-ming Ceramics, Hong Kong Ceramics in Taipei

Exhibition starts 23rd October 2004 and continues until 18th November 2004

Venue: Page One Taipei cafe, 4th Floor, Taipei 101


Having completed his studies in graphic design and photography courses, Ming MA has been engaging himself in a spectrum of art-relating works such as advertising graphic design, commercial product and portrait photography, interior design and cinematography. At the meantime, he took a pottery fundamental course at the Hong Kong Arts Centre and began to establish his interest in ceramics. He also participated in various private pottery workshops and continued researching in ceramics to refine his technique.

In 1999 Ma opened his own gallery and workshop. Since then, he devotes himself wholeheartedly in ceramics. Besides ceramics, he also anipulates other media and materials such as metal, glass and others.

MA loves nature and is especially fond of taking the form and color of plants and marine organism as his source of inspiration. He hand-builds light and thin ceramics biscuits and delicately applying special formulated glaze to create agnificent and colorful functional table wares.
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