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25 August, 2003
David Murray won 2003 Ranamok Glass Prize
The Ranamok Glass prize is the most prestigious glass award that showcases exhibition of glass artists from Australia and New Zealand, highlights creativity, skill and innovation in contemporary glass design. It is an annual acquisitive prize that fosters and promotes Australian and New Zealand glass art. It was formerly known as the RFC Glass Prize.

The logo for the Ranamok Glass Prize incorporates the image of an Australian magpie, which is a distinctive and recognisable bird in both Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the magpie is an intelligent and curious creature with an innate larrikin nature, attributes that the Ranamok Glass Prize hopes to foster among glass artists.

Emma Camden ( http://www.koru-hk.com/artists/glass/EmmaCamden/en/ )won the 1999 prize amongst 31 finalists with her "Tower of Secrets" (94cm high x 22cm wide x 19cm deep). And now, in 2003, David Murray ( http://www.koru-hk.com/artists/glass/DavidMurray/en/ ) won the premium award amongst 36 finalists with his Gatherer series.

So far, Emma and David are the only two Kiwis who have won the prestigious prize.
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