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27 February, 2003
Art Glass By Alfredo Barbini Due To Arrive In Hong Kong February 2003
The Barbinis have been among the most important glass companies in the history of glass on Murano, Venice, Italy - an island where glass is a way of life.
Going back in time, one discovers ancestors who were bead makers, glass blowers, entreprenuers, and artists. They were called Francesco, Stefano, Iseppo, Zorzi Barbini... today, it is Alfredo. All of them share the tradition of the highest skill of maestros of glass: a skill that is not only used to make a product, but is used as a true means of expression.
The Barbini glass company has been artistically directed since its foundation in 1950 by maestro Alfredo Barbini. It has a particular artistic style to which it has remained faithful for decades.
Alfredo Barbini is born on the island of Murano in 1912. Today, at age 90, the glass master is still active in glass making. Koru-hk.com is very fortunate to have met the master and acquired some stunning art pieces, which are scheduled to arrive in early February 2003.
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