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9 December, 2002
New features for Koru-hk.com website
Koru-hk.com has added new features to its website. The newly updated site has a greater wealth of information, including the newly created News and Collection sections.

The Glass section has also been given a facelift with 2 new artists included the renowned Nelson based husband and wife team Ola Hglund & Marie Simberg-Hglund, and Auckland based glass artist Peter Raos. Also joining koru-hk.com ever expanding list of talented artists is Master Sculptor Rick Swain.

The new site is updated and hosted by Hodfords.com Ltd (www.hodfords-production.com). Jason Cheng, President and Founder of Hodfords.com Ltd is resourceful and exceptionally talented. He is instrumental in the creation of the user-friendly Hodfords Content Management (CM) System. Hodfords CM allows businesses to manage and grow their operations online without knowledge or understanding of Internet technologies. In their project delivery, Hodfords has completed the updated site on time, to specified design and, most importantly, within budget. Koru-hk.com is extremely pleased with what Hodfords has offered so far and look forward to a long-term strategic business dealing with them.